How to interpret internet speed results

Most of us have no technical knowledge about how an internet speed testing tool works. What we know is that measures how fast our connection is and nothing more. However, there are other things that we need to understand why we perform an internet speed test and we need to know these things so that we would be able to effectively use the tool and the other features that it offers.

The two main speeds that we need to be concerned about.

Our Internet has two major speeds; these are the download speed and upload speed. These are very significant when we talk about receiving and sending data through the Internet. The following is a brief description of what these speeds represent.

  1. Download speed – this is the data that travels from a website to your network or computer. This is the main component of our Internet connection that we benefit with the most. Download speed allows us to view videos, listen to music or read an article.
  2. Upload speed – is the data that is sent from our end of the network or website. Uploading photos or video on a social media is one of the best examples of this. Sending articles or documents are another example of the data that we can upload using the Internet as well.

So there you have it, when you understand these two items, then you have practically a total understanding of what an Internet speed tool is and when you already understand what the tool is for then you will be able to appreciate your Internet speed and also know how reliable your service provider is. Now, you can go ahead and check your Internet speed, and you will be able to get a bigger picture of what the results say about your connection.


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