How to asses Internet speed

Having an Internet connection is already a necessity. Much like electricity, the Internet provides us with convenience and enjoyment for the whole family. However, there are times that our connection is slow and insufficient, and we don’t know what to do in order to have an idea what’s going on with our connection. Fortunately, there is an online application called Internet speed.

How does it work?

The Internet speed is a tool that measures the speed of your Internet and gives you a report in numbers how fast your Internet is or how slow it is. Checking your Internet speed on a regular basis is very important because it tells you whether you are consistently receiving a reliable Internet speed. Another thing that you need to know about the Internet speed test is that you need to connect to a local server in order to get an accurate result. A local server is a server that provides Internet data to a selected region, and there are several servers available worldwide, and you only need to select the server that covers your region.

Once you’re done with changing the setting regarding the server on your Internet speed app, then you may commence with the test itself. The duration of the test would really depend on how reliable your connection is. When you have a DSL connection, then the test would be done a lot more quickly compared with other types of connection.

Overall, performing an Internet speed test will not have any effect on your computer, but it actually gives you a definite number about how fast your connection is, which is very important so that you can continually enjoy the conveniences that the Internet has provided you. Just be sure that you regularly pay your bills as well to your provider so that you will stay connected in the web.



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